E-business Seminar

So this fine morning I attended an e-business seminar arranged by Vaughan Business Center in Vaughan, Ontario. It was good to see our good old Dolores Rotondo back at VBEC (centrebusiness.com) after her 9 months of absence. The first part of the seminar was presented by Andrew of Biz Launch. I had attended a few […]

How do I use the keywords meta tag?

The meta tag keywords is used by search engine crawlers to acquire keywords related to your website. This meta tag is widely believe to not be currently used by the major search engines. Many small search engines and services do use the keywords meta tag, and you never know what algorithm changes major search engines […]

Do links in forum signatures provide an SEO benefit?

Due to certain factors a forum signature link may or may not provide an SEO benefit. On most forums that allow signature links the members almost always utilize this feature, due to that simple fact the SEO and Pagerank value of the backlink isn’t that great. The more backlinks that appear on a web page […]

How do I use the robots meta tag?

The robots meta tag is used by search engine crawlers to know if they should crawl and index the web page they are on. Most major search engines use the robots meta tag but using the robots.txt standard is more efficient. Since all search engines will try to crawl every web page it’s only necessary […]

What is the best domain name extension to use?

When it comes to picking the correct domain name extension it really doesn’t matter. The only thing to consider is if you choose a country domain extention, you’ll get better ranking in that countrys search results. The only reason that certian extensions are more common then others in search results is because they’ve been around […]

How do I use the description meta tag?

The description meta tag is used by search engine crawlers to display an accurate description of your web page in search results. This meta tag is used by most major search engines and an excellent search engine optimization tool. If you do not use a description meta tag the search engine will attempt to create […]

When does Google update websites Pagerank?

One thing you need to remember, Google is constantly updating your web pages pagerank behind the scenes, the update actually refers to when you can publicly see the update. That means in the Google toolbar and with Pagerank lookup websites, sometimes during the update you can catch a change in some of the data centers. […]

What are search engine friendly urls?

When someone refers to search engine friendly URLs they are talking about web page addresses that are designed to be indexed easier by search engine crawlers. Many websites use dynamic content, which is HTML that is rendered in the browser on the fly instead of HTML stored in a static HTML file. This means that […]

What is the most search engine friendly blogging software?

Almost all blogging software is unique in it’s own way. You find some have unique features while others have standard features found in all other blogging software. When it comes to search engine optimization not many blogging software packages are up to par. In fact, even some of the most SEO friendly blogs still have […]

Does changing web hosting companies affect your Pagerank?

When you are changing web hosting providers there are two factors would determine if you lose Pagerank…. 1. Are you keeping the same domain name? 2. Are you keeping the same URL and file structure? Basically if you answered yes to the two top questions your Google Pagerank will remain intact. If you switch domain […]